Lake Gilman is a Privately Owned and Resident Funded Lake Community. 

 This site is dedicated to the  Lake Gilman Owners who continue to maintain the vision and values set forth by its founder "The Skipper". 

Brief History

Lake Gilman is not open to public use. Lake Gilman is a private, resident owned and maintained freshwater Lake.  Miles Gilman was the original founder of Lake Gilman.  Miles Gilman was known by many as "Skipper". He came to Gloucester County in 1908. Miles earned his nickname while serving in the US Navy. One day while out in his truck driving down what is now known as Glassboro-Ferrell Road, he was halted by a flat tire. While waiting for a tire repair man, he ventured into the woods and saw 2 streams that joined together.  He envisioned a beautiful Lake.  Skipper Gilman later purchased the 140 acre track of land which, at the time, was owned by Gendinning farm. It was recorded that it took 20 years, 5 axes, and 4000 felled trees to complete this beautiful vision known as Lake Gilman.

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